VALDJAN: Cyborg Warriors Book 4 - Akira Angel

VALDJAN: Cyborg Warriors Book 4


A cyborg champion. A crystal guardian who’s out of time. Three ancient elven tests, and only one outcome can save them all.

Valdjan is facing the biggest challenge of his life. He’s been selected as the champion who must face the Elven tests, to gain the power of the Crystal Cave before it’s too late.

Ithyll has been waiting for a champion, and time has never been an issue until now. An enemy has found her Crystal Cave and she is no longer safe. So when Valdjan falls from the sky, she prays to the gods that he’s the one to pass the tests. That he will free her from her duty.

But the Elven tests are not for the faint of heart. And though they believe there is only one champion, they will have to discover the greatness inside them both to succeed.

Can they become the heroes that Aurora needs? Join Valdjan and Ithyll on an epic quest through time and space to find out – in a scifi fantasy romance that will leave you wanting more!

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