His only job was to keep the station safe, but his time has just run out.
Can he save his elf in time?

Series: Cyborg Warriors, Prequel

As the chief security officer on the Flouriant space station, Tovian works hard to keep the station free of crime. But when a threat arises that he can’t fight, there is only one elf on his mind: Callie.

Callie has been watching a certain muscular cyborg on the station monitors a little too closely for far too long, but she’s never had the courage to tell him.

Both are racing against the clock to protect themselves and each other. When he comes for her, will she have the courage to tell him how she feels?

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Simply fantastic! A magically daring adventure full of romance, action, suspense and so much more. I absolutely loved it.
I totally devoured this book! The storyline sucked me at the beginning and kept me captive until the end. I cannot wait to see what's next!
This book sucks you in from the beginning and with so many twists and turns it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time.
A detailed plot with non-stop action.
Their escape and fight for survival is full of danger, violence and true love type bonding. It was hard to put down, with lots of action, great characters, hidden betrayals and heroic deeds. This author never disappoints!

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