Context changes guest blog on SFR Brigade! :)

Hi Everyone! I did a guest blog on the Science Fiction Romance Brigade about Context Changes and how they contribute to science fiction writing. But even if you’re a reader, knowing about context changes can be a great tool in your arsenal. It helps you understand science fiction worldbuilding architecture and the types of context changes you like can explain why you love some books a lot more than others.

And if you’ve never checked out the SFR Brigade before, there is a list of new SFR releases each week, blogs, and a whole lot more! Feel free to check out my blog on their site here.

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The Attraction of Dystopia

So many times in science fiction, we write about dystopian worlds… and as readers, we are also attracted to them.

Have you ever asked yourself: What is the attraction of dystopia?

It’s an important question to ask, because I think dystopia hold different attraction for different types of people. For myself, I enjoy writing about dystopia because it gives my characters a chance to grow. It gives them opportunities to discover their values, face their fears, and transform into heroes and heroines that are greater than they every could have imagined. Read more…